Breeding birds

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In Montenegro, in the period 2002-2014, 99 breeding non-songbirds and one probable breeding non-songbird has been registered, and 107 breeding songbirds and one that is possible to be a breeding bird in Montenegro.

In total, for the given period, we have 206 breeding birgs registered and two of them which are probably breeding, making a total of 208 species. Five listed breeding birds in Montenegro are house sparrow, chaffinch, blackcap, great tit and robin. Then there are blackbird, plover, starling, field sparrow and nuthatch. The least common breeding birds in Montenegro are the following species: stork, zitting cisticola (or streaked fantail warbler), rosefinch, sheldrake, hen harrier, lanner falcon, Lesser Kestrel, oystercatcher, Eleonora's falcon, fieldfare, olive-tree warbler, European pied flycatcher.

Density index of breeding species (IGV = log number of breeding species/log area in km2) is one of the real indicators of the ornithological wealth of particular ecological and geographical units. In Montenegro, the index is significantly above the Balkan average.

Estimation of the number of songbirds in Montenegro and their trends you can find here.